CECS 211 Lecture and Tutorial Videos

Important Note and Disclaimer about Videos

Videos of lectures and/or labs are a courtesy and are not a replacement for missing classes. Videos will not match with the particular lecture dates for a given semester. Processing, uploading, and posting these videos is extremely time consuming and well beyond the expectations and requirements of me as an instructor. Errors, mistakes and accidental omissions are a very real possibility. It could take well over a week for videos to make it here if this is the first time I’m recording a new class. It is also highly unlikely that I would remember which topics were in a particular video and which video may coincide with a particular lecture date for a given semester. Reviewing, matching videos to lectures and using these as a supplement to class is your responsibility. Also, some videos and some tutorials may not be applicable for a given semester. Again, These are shared as a courtesy and are not a replacement for in-person instruction…

Tutorial and Lab Videos

LTSpice Download and Install

MyDaq Software and Install

MyDaq Intro Video

For extracurricular DIY electronic home lab test equipment and general info, refer to the $100 Electronics Workbench Challenge Page and the other other pages I have dedicated to electronic test equipment: MultiMetersOscilloscopesSoldering SkillsClass Supplies, and also my list of favorite Electronic and Engineering Youtube Channels

Lectures & Lab Videos

211 – Syllabus, Lab Supplies, Atomic Theory, Electroscope 

211 – Intro Basic Properties

211 – Power Series Circuits KVL

211 – Parallel Circuits

211 – Series Parallel Circuits

211 – Series Parallel Circuits Cont.

211 – Voltage Dividers, Series Aiding, Shorts

211 – Delta Wye Conversions

211 – Current Sources Superposition & Breadboarding

211 – Superposition Multimeter Probing

211 – Thevenin Equivalent Circuits

211 – Thevenin Cont Norton

211 – Norton Cont

211 – Wheatstone Bridge Potentiometers

211 – Millmans Theorem

211 – Max Power Mesh Analysis

211 – Mesh Analysis Cont…

211 – Nodal Analysis

211 – Nodal Analysis Cont…

211 – Intro to Inductors

211 – Inductors L/R Time Constant

211 – Capacitors Intro Lab Inductor

211 – Capacitors RC Time Constant

211 – AC vs DC Transformers

211 – Diodes DC LEDs and Lab Example

211 – Diodes In AC and Lab Example

211 LectLab 27 Video Recording Failed

211 – Phasors Inductors In AC

211 – LectLab 29 Inductors RL Reactance Impedance