CECS 262 Lecture and Tutorial Videos

Videos of lectures and/or labs are a courtesy and are not a replacement for missing classes. Processing, uploading, more processing, and posting these videos is extremely time consuming and well beyond the expectations of me as an instructor. Errors, mistakes and accidental omissions are a very real possibility. It could take over a week for videos to make it here if this is the first time I’m recording a new class. It is also highly unlikely that I will remember every detail of every video. Again, These are shared as a courtesy…

Tutorial and Lab Videos

How to Solder Pins to EFM8BB1-LCK Dev Board

How to Download and Install the Keil uVision IDE

Lecture Videos

262 LectLab 1 Intro Embedded Systems 08 28 20

262 LectLab 2 Intro Embedded Systems 09 04 20

262 LectLab 3 Port Output LEDs 09 11 20

262 LectLab 4 Loops, Clear/Set Bits, Port I/O 09 18 20