CECS 262

CECS 262 – Introduction to Embedded System Programming



Lecture Videos

CECS 262 Lecture and Tutorial Videos Page


Setting up the Dev Environment and Programming Test Code




8051 Instruction_Set_and_Memory_Organization_Reference

Intro Slides (I only use slides for the 1st lectures)

Inside a Computing System and 8051 MCU (slides.pdf)

8051 Program Execution (Slides.pdf)



Lab 1 – Simulating the 8051 Output Port

Due: 9/11 – Start of Lect – BB Dropbox

Lab 1 – Simulating the 8051 Output Port.docx

Lab 2 – LED Scrolling Pattern with Input

Due: 10/2 – Start of Lect – BB Dropbox


Lab 3 – Stepper Motor

Due: 10/23 – Start of Lect – BB Dropbox


Stepper Datasheet 28BYJ-48




Lab 4 – Timer Interrupts and Servo Motor

Due: 11/13 – Start of Lect – BB Dropbox



Development Board – From Digikey or Mouser – approx $7

Digikey_EFM8BB1LCK or Mouser_EFM8BB1LCK 

Parts Kit – From Amazon – approx $35


Miscellaneous Other Basic Electronics Supplies as Needed

For this class, currently to the best of my knowledge, only the development board and the Embedded Systems Starter Kit are all that is absolutely necessary to complete all the labs for this course. There is a lot in that $35 package, however in general as a student you will want to be acquiring some basic electronics prototyping supplies as you progress through your degree. These are basic items like a Multimeter,  Breadboard, Wires, Wire Cutters and Wire Strippers, Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, and other basic components. There is a high likely hood that these types of items are damaged through incorrect usage and handling, for this reason the department does not supply these items to the student as managing these parts would take a lot of people a lot of time effort to make sure components still work and that all items are there. On other pages on this site I make some recommendations that are affordable and of decent quality. For example super cheap multimeters in the $5 to $20 range is sometimes just wasted money in the grand scheme due to poor accuracy of measurement and ease of damage, it would be better to spend $25 on a known good brand of multimeters like an Extech or Amprobe Brand. On my dedicated general supplies page I make suggestions on what I would purchase for myself given a very tight and frugal budget. Some of these items like the breadboard and wires are already in the listed amazon parts kit but you may find yourself in a situation where things have broken or you need more of a particular item. Since this is a very hands-on major we do a lot of other prototyping and labs in future classes, I have a dedicated general supplies page with discussion of many of these low cost tools and components.

General Electronics Supplies Page