LTSpice Support and Troubleshooting

The version of LTSpice that I am hosting here has been modified with custom components that I have created specifically for these classes. To have access to these components, please download and use the version from this website.


Please download and extract and the zip file. Make sure to extract the file to it’s own directory, navigate to directory and run either XVIIx64.exe or XVIIx86.exe depending on if your system is 64-bit or 32-bit. If the zip file is not extracted then you will not have access to any components.


Missing components we are using in class, examples: 1N4001 diodes or LM7805 regulators.

There are 2 likely reasons for this:

The zip file was not extracted before running the executable. Windows allows you to just double click the zip file and run the executable, however this will cause problems

A different version of LTSpice was downloaded and installed before you downloaded, extracted and ran the version from my website.

To fix this, you want to navigate to your “My Documents” folder, inside there will be a “LTspiceXVII” directory that was created from the previous install. Just delete this entire directory and re-run the executable that you downloaded and extracted from the website. This will re-create all the components from my version.